7 Things Small Businesses Can Do While Quarantining

March 24, 2020

All businesses, but especially small businesses, are undoubtedly facing unprecedented challenges amidst the COVID-19 crisis. From scrambling to create new and safe ways of doing business to making that uneasy decision to close up shop temporarily, small business owners have a lot to consider.

Even if you’ve locked the doors and asked your employees to stay home, there are plenty of things you can do now to help ensure your business takes off again when this all ends.

7 Things to Do While Quarantining

Smart business owners aren’t taking this “time off” to neglect their everyday responsibilities. In fact, many are taking this time to do the things on their to-do lists that they never made time for when business was booming.

These ideas are for business owners looking to position their businesses to be even stronger when shoppers return to stores and people start gathering again.

Clean Out Your Inbox

It might sound simple, but cleaning out your inbox is a powerful thing. As a business owner, you likely receive email after email from vendors and suppliers, service offers and more. After a while, all that virtual mail can start to weigh you down.

Take the time now to delete, unsubscribe and return emails that you never had time to get to before. Give yourself a fresh start with an uncluttered inbox!

Start a Blog for Your Business

Content marketing is perhaps now more than ever, a plausible avenue to explore to increase your revenue online. A blog is an excellent way to share free and educational content with your customers and target audience, describing how your products or services will help them solve a problem.

A blog for your business will help to:

  • Keep your customers engaged while you can’t be engaging in person,
  • Share valuable information about what you can offer customers to meet their needs,
  • Direct customers to products or services that can be purchased through your website,
  • Build your credibility and establish you as the expert in your field,
  • And so much more!

Blogs are an excellent and easy way to communicate and share with your customers, but it takes time to write content. Now you have the time to do it, plus your customers likely have the extra time to read online content—so get to writing today!

Create (or Revise) Your Marketing Calendar

If you didn’t start 2020 with a marketing strategy all planned out and ready to execute, then use this down-time to prepare your business’s marketing calendar for the rest of the year. Or you may need to work on revising your marketing strategy to consider how to adapt your offers to meet your customers’ and clients’ needs in the coming months.

Check out our 2020 marketing checklist to get started planning today!

Update Your Website

Your online presence is vital—now more than ever! Keeping your website updated with the products and services you offer helps your customers and target audience find your content relevant, making them more inclined to make a purchase.

A modern, updated website with captivating content and bold graphics is sure to impress. Even if your business slows due to the current situation, improving your website will surely help you bounce back quicker when things return to normal.

Start an Online Store

It’s fair to say that a business with a functioning online store will do better in a world that is quarantining than those that aren’t making online sales. Even if website sales are minimal compared to your regular operations, having an online store is just one more way to diversify your income. Expanding your flow of income is a compelling strategy to employ both now and when the market is stable.

Need help getting started? Sign up for our upcoming FREE webinar on switching from a brick and mortar to an online-based business model.

Update Policies and Procedures

When you’re in the trenches operating your business each day, it can be challenging to make time to update and revise those ever-important policies and procedures. Now is an excellent time to take a critical look at how your business operates. What could be streamlined or changed to make the job flow better?

Put those changes into writing. Outline the policies and procedures that you want every employee to know and understand clearly when you all return to the job.

Learn Something New

Successful entrepreneurs are always learning and finding new ways to grow their business. Yet, it can be a challenge to fit continuing education into an already full schedule.

If you are sheltering-in-place, take an online business course covering a topic you’ve been interested in lately. Or sign up for a webinar in your field or niche to increase your expertise.

As a work-from-home based marketing agency, the Branding Bear team is familiar with the benefits and challenges of being able to work from anywhere. Check out our upcoming FREE webinars covering best practices for working from home and being productive remotely.

Whatever challenge you are currently facing with your business, learning something new definitely won’t hurt!

Looking Ahead to Better Days

The reality is that marketing continually changes. Staying up-to-date on best practices is a challenge, even when the world is functioning normally. When COVID-19 is all said and done, people will go back to interacting with and in the world as they once did. The question you must ask yourself now is, “will you be ready?”

Let the experts at Branding Bear help you be proactive as we navigate these uncharted waters together. As a boutique marketing agency, we work hard to personalize the services we offer to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a new websitelogounique promotional products or help with creating social media content—we can help!

If you are facing a new challenge within your business and need help figuring out how to create a marketing strategy that works for you, don’t wait—contact us today! Our coaches are ready to help you get started revolutionizing the way you do business!


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